Top 100 Arabic Cat Names With Meaning

Unique short Arabic Cat Names in 2023

Every cat owner knows the joy and challenge of picking out the perfect name for their feline friend. It’s an opportunity to give your beloved pet an identity that will stick with them for life. As 2023 unfolds, I’ve noticed an emerging trend among cat owners: choosing short, unique Arabic names for their kitties. Given the rich tapestry of the Arabic language and culture, it’s no surprise that it offers a plethora of beautiful names ideal for cats.

The Attractive of Arabic Names

Arabic, with its poetic cadence and profound meanings, lends itself beautifully to pet names. Each name isn’t just a label; it carries with it centuries of history, culture, and significance. Picking an Arabic name for your cat doesn’t just honor this ancient tradition; it also gives your pet a name that resonates with depth and elegance.

Why Short Names?

Short names are increasingly popular for several reasons:

  • Practicality: They are easy to call out, making them ideal for training and communication.
  • Memorability: Short names are easily remembered by both the pet and the owner.
  • Universality: They are easier for people from different linguistic backgrounds to pronounce.

Our Top Picks “Unique short Arabic Cat Names in 2023”

S No.NameArabicMeaning & Applicability
1JibbyجيبيGabriel, apt for a cat with a heavenly or angelic demeanor
2Huda-HooهدىGuidance, suited for a wise or serene cat
3ZuzuزوزوBeloved, Dear, perfect for an affectionate and loving cat
4FifiفيفيJudge, Arbiter, for a cat that seems to watch and ponder
5LuluلولوPearl, a great name for a beautiful, precious cat
6NunuنونوLight, ideal for a cat that brightens your world
7BabaباباFather, for a mature or fatherly cat
8TitiتيتيMorning Star, for a cat that loves the morning
9YoyoيويوGod Will Add, suited for a cat that brings extra joy
10RiriريريContentment, for a cat that’s calm and content
11MomoموموMohammed, for a cat that’s praiseworthy
12BebeبيبيWater, Moisture, ideal for a cat who loves water
13Ali-BaliعليHigh, Noble, great for a regal or dignified cat
14SisiسيسيPure, for a pure-hearted or innocent cat
15KikiكيكيEternal, for a cat you’ll cherish forever
16LeleليليNight, for a cat that’s most active at night
17GigiجيجيGabriel, another name for an angelic cat
18DodoدودوBeloved, for a cat you adore
19BoboبوبوBringer of Good News, for an always welcome feline
20CocoكوكوOne Who Distributes, for a generous cat
21Hani-HooهانيHappy, Delighted, perfect for a cheerful cat
22ZazaزازاPrincess, for your little feline royalty
23MimiميميSea of Sorrow, for a cat with a deep, introspective nature
24TotoتوتوGood Fortune, for a lucky charm cat
25LalaلالاNight, another name for a night-active cat
26NanaناناTranquil, for a calm and soothing cat
27BibiبيبيAscetic Virgin, for a solitary or independent cat
28FafaفافاPrecious, Unique, for a one-of-a-kind cat
29RoroروروQueen, for your queenly feline
30KukuكوكوGenerous, for a giving and kind cat
31YayaياياGod is Gracious, for a miraculous or fortunate cat
32ChachaچاچاPrince, for a young male cat that acts like royalty
33JujuجوجوPearl, another name for a precious cat
34PopoپوپوVictorious, for a triumphant or resilient cat
35TeteتيتيPure, Chaste, for an innocent or young cat
36MomoموموPraiseworthy, for an exceptional cat
37NeneنينيLight, for a cat that lights up your life
38LoloلولوSilver, for a grey or shiny-coated cat
39FufuفوفوSuccessful, for a cat that’s conquered obstacles
40ZozoزوزوFragrant Flower, for a sweet-natured or sweet-smelling cat
41RaraراراRighteous, for a virtuous or well-behaved cat
42GogoجوجوWarrior, for a fierce or protective cat
43KokoكوكوPremature Child, for a small or young-looking cat
44DadaداداBeloved, another name for a cherished cat
45PipoپیپوVictorious, for a winning or successful cat
46ZigiزيجيAbundance, for a cat that brings plenty of joy
47MiliميليPrecious Gem, for a rare and valuable cat
48LiliليليDark Beauty, for a cat with a dark coat or deep eyes
49SosoسوسوStar, for a star-like or standout cat
50NonoنونوRest, for a cat that loves to relax or sleep

How To Name A Cat?

Choosing the perfect name for your feline friend is an exciting endeavour. When pondering how to name a cat, consider these tips. Firstly, observe your cat’s personality, quirks, or distinctive physical features.

This can inspire names that resonate with their unique traits. Additionally, explore themes, whether based on colour, patterns, or even your favourite book or movie. Keep it short and easy to pronounce, ensuring a name your cat will readily respond to.

Lastly, take your time, and let the name unfold organically as you bond with your beloved companion.


2023 is an exciting year for embracing cultural diversity, even in the realm of pet naming. Arabic names, with their profound meanings and melodic sounds, offer a fresh and meaningful choice for new feline additions to families.

Whichever name you choose, may it bring joy and suit your cat’s personality perfectly. Check out this article if you are looking for Islamic Cat names.

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