Origin And History of Persian Cats

Origin And History of Persian Cats

One of the most admired cat breed globally is the Persian cat owing to its rich fur and unique aesthetic attributes on the face. For instance, regal and delicate are some of this breed’s features that have endeared them into the heart of cat lovers for over a century. The origin and development of Persian cats will be discussed in this article as they have a very exciting story.

Ancient Origins:

Persian cats originate from ancient Persia (modern day Iran). The Persian cats had high social regard among their followers who viewed them as a representation of luxury and prosperity. Persian cats are among the oldest known species and historical evidences shows they date back to more than 2000 years.

Arrival in Europe:

These Persian cats were introduced in Europe during the 17th Century. These cats are believed to have been imported to the continent by the Italian traders and explorers who spread fast among elite circles. Persian cats were valued by European aristocrats because of their fine looks, thus adding more to the already respected breed.

Breed Development:

Persian cats went through selective breeding that led to improved physical features over a period of time. Breeders set out specifically to develop cats that had a well defined roundness of face, short noses and big eye expressions. The modern Persian cat came about gradually as a result of thoughtful selection followed by crossbreeding, manifesting all the characteristics that characterize the breed at present.

Influence of Exotic Shorthairs:

The Exotic Shorthair was bred into the lineage of a Persian cat in the early 20th century. With the intention of having short hair of such breed and looking similar to that of Persian cats, this resulted into cross-breeding. There were some alterations in Persians due to the adoption of Exotic Shorthairs which gave rise to multi-colors and patterns.

Popularity and Recognition:

As a result, the Persian became extremely popular by the end of the twentieth century and is currently among the most desired breeds in the world. The Persian cats came into official recognition during a cat show that took place in London in 1871. Persian cats have been among the world’s most popular breeds since then.

Challenges and Health Concerns:

While the Persians are popular cats, they have some health problems associated with the special shape of their bodies. The breed is susceptible to respiratory disorders, eye disease, and skin condition. The responsible breeders are trying at a very high speed to solve this problem by healthy, correct selection of pedigree animals at a very high speed.

Variations and Sub-Breeds:

The Persian cat species has gone through different sub-breeds as well as variations over time. They are comprised of the Himalaian with characteristics resembling those of the Persian but color point marrings like that of the Siamese. Other modifications come in the form of Chinchilla Persian, its coat is tipped with silver and also Toy, or Teacups that are much smaller than this cat’s original size.

Modern Persian Cats:

Persian cats remain to be attractive to cat lovers globally. Their silky long haircoats need constant to keep it at the right length and shiny. Because of its quiet nature and gentleness, a Persian cat is one of the most preferred pet in many homes.


The history of Persians is an intriguing story dating back many years. The Persian cat originates from Persia; it is the most sophisticated and graceful breed of cat one can meet on Earth. Some of the health issues notwithstanding, they remain very popular among cat fans across the world, thanks to their distinct physique that people can hardly ignore.

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