Russian White Black and Tabby Cat: A Special Breed

Russian White Black and Tabby Cat A Special and Beautiful Breed Info

If you want a cat that’s as elegant as the Russian Blue but with more coat color options, consider the Russian White Black and Tabby cat. This breed came to be in Australia in 1971 when a white Siberian cat and a Russian Blue cat had kittens. The goal was simple: create a cat with the Russian Blue’s charm and sweet personality but with a variety of colors.

History and Where They Came From

The Russian White Black and Tabby cat is quite new and has its roots in Australia. The first white kittens arrived on May 4, 1971, thanks to a white Siberian cat named Dicki Mackay and a Russian Blue cat named Leningrad Rostislav. Although the white Siberian cat lacked pedigree, she had the same body type and eye color as the Russian Blue. The breeders, Dick and Mavis Jones of Myemgay Cattery, decided to carry on the program and officially registered the white kittens as Russian Whites.

The Australian Cat Federation (ACF) recognized this breed in 1979. Later, they introduced other colors, like black and tabby, by crossing Russian Blues with domestic shorthairs of those colors. These new variants became known as Russian Blacks and Russian Tabbies. While the breed is still uncommon outside Australia, it has gained acceptance from international cat associations, such as The International Cat Association (TICA) and the World Cat Federation (WCF).

What They Look Like and Their Traits

Russian White Black and Tabby cats are medium-sized and have a lean, muscular build. Their coats are short and feel velvety, with no undercoat. Their eyes are round, large, and typically green. You’ll notice their ears are large, pointed, and set wide apart. They have long, tapering tails, and their heads are wedge-shaped with straight noses and prominent chins.

The primary difference between this breed and the Russian Blue is the coat color. Russian Whites have pure white coats that may have faint markings at birth but fade as they mature. Russian Blacks have solid black coats that may show silver tipping or rusting in the sun. Russian Tabbies have classic or mackerel tabby patterns in blue, black, or silver.

Their Personality and How They Act

Russian White Black and Tabby Cat A Special and Beautiful Breed

Russian White Black and Tabby cats are kind, gentle, and sweet-natured. They tend to be calm and quiet, showing loyalty and affection to their owners. However, they can be a bit shy or reserved around strangers. These cats are intelligent and curious, enjoying playtime with toys and exploring their surroundings. While they’re not very vocal, they’ll communicate with their owners through soft chirps and purrs.

These cats are best suited for indoor living, as they are sensitive to cold and can sunburn easily. They adapt well to various environments and lifestyles, as long as they receive enough attention and stimulation. They get along nicely with other cats and friendly dogs, but they may not appreciate loud noises or chaotic situations. They make excellent companions for those who appreciate their elegance and grace.

Their Health and How to Care for Them

Russian White Black and Tabby cats are generally healthy and robust, with no specific genetic issues. However, like all cats, they can be prone to common health problems like dental issues, urinary tract infections, or obesity. Regular vet check-ups, vaccinations, and parasite prevention are essential to maintain their well-being.

Grooming this breed is a breeze, as their coats are easy to care for. A weekly brushing will do to remove loose hair and dirt. Keep an eye on their ears for wax buildup or infections, and trim their nails as needed. Brush their teeth daily or at least weekly to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

For their diet, provide a balanced, high-quality meal with sufficient protein and moisture. You can supplement dry food with wet food or fresh meat to keep them hydrated and satisfied. Ensure they have access to fresh water at all times and offer treats sparingly to avoid overfeeding.

In Conclusion

The Russian White Black and Tabby cat is a unique and elegant breed that stems from the Russian Blue. They possess the same graceful body type and sweet disposition but come in different coat colors: white, black, or tabby. These cats are loyal, affectionate, and enjoy playtime and exploration. They are the perfect companions for those who appreciate their beauty and charm.

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