Persian Cat Price in Kolkata (2023)

Persian Cat Price in Kolkata 2023

Thinking about getting a Persian cat in Kolkata this year? You’re not alone! These fluffy buddies are super popular, both around the world and right here in Kolkata.

Before you jump in, you might be wondering about the Persian Cat Price in Kolkata. The cost can vary a lot, depending on where you get your kitten from and what kind of coat color and lineage it has.

However, owning a Persian isn’t just about its price tag. Prospective owners should also be prepared for their upkeep. Regular grooming, understanding their health needs, and ensuring they have a comfortable environment are all part of the commitment. Dive into our guide to equip yourself with everything you need to know about the Persian Cat Price in Kolkata and more.

Persian Cat Price in Kolkata – How Much Do They Cost?

Persian Cat Breed

When considering the acquisition of a Persian cat in Kolkata, one must take into account various determining factors affecting its price. These factors encompass the feline’s age, gender, coat color, and overall health. 

In the city of Kolkata, Persian cat prices typically range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000 or possibly even higher, especially when seeking a top-tier specimen. Some breeders may also present show-quality Persian cats at a premium rate.

For a more in-depth understanding of the potential risks associated with purchasing a Persian cat at an exceptionally low price point, such as Rs. 3000, we recommend consulting the accompanying article.

Where to Buy Persian Cat in Kolkata?

Here are some places in Kolkata where you can buy a Persian cat:

Pet Plaza: Pet Plaza is known for providing high-quality puppies and cats for sale in Kolkata. They guarantee to provide 100% original & genuine bloodline breeds of dogs, cats & birds with both papers & non-papers. However, there are mixed reviews about their service.

Mr n Mrs Pet: They provide health-certified Persian kittens for sale in Kolkata at the best prices. They have received positive reviews from customers who have purchased pets from them.

Mummy Cat: Mummy Cat offers online Persian cat sales in Kolkata. However, they have received mixed reviews from customers. They have Persian cats for sale in Kolkata at the best price. The reviews about their service are not available.

Mykitten: Mykitten home delivers Persian Cats for Sale in Kolkata along with their Health and Breed Certificate and a FREE MINI STARTER KIT. They have received positive reviews from customers who have purchased pets from them.

Please note that it’s important to do your own research and visit the seller if possible before making a purchase.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying!!

Grey Persian Cat

Cost: Persian cats are a relatively expensive breed of cat. You should be prepared to pay a premium for a Persian cat from a reputable breeder.

Grooming: Persian cats require a lot of grooming. You will need to brush their fur daily to prevent mats and tangles. Regular bathing and nail trimming are also essential requirements for their maintenance.

Health: Persian cats often face health issues like respiratory infections, eye problems, and kidney disease. It’s essential to be ready to cover regular veterinary costs for your Persian cat. 

Temperament: Persian cats are widely recognized for their gentle and affectionate disposition. However, it is important to acknowledge that they generally display a lower degree of. Should you be in search of a spirited and playful feline companion, a Persian cat may not align with your desired traits.

Lifespan: The lifespan of Persian cats ranges from 12 to 17 years. This implies that should you opt for a Persian cat, you are undertaking a significant and enduring commitment.

Why To Buy Persian Cats From Local Breeders?

Numerous benefits come with buying a Persian cat from a reputable local breeder. Here’s why it’s advantageous

Extensive knowledge: Local breeders are very informed about the Persian cat breed. They have a strong affection for this particular cat breed and are delighted to offer guidance on how to properly care for it.

Health guarantees: When you buy cats or kittens from trusted breeders, they usually offer some extra things along with the price. The extras might include a promise that your cat will be healthy, the first shots and medicine to prevent worms, and a kit to help you begin.

Convenience: Purchasing from a breeder nearby can be simpler compared to buying from one in another state or even another country. Shipping expenses can be high, and you might have to establish a connection with a breeder located far away if you want to acquire a Persian cat.

Support: Some breeders might wish to have an ongoing relationship with you, and some may also have restrictions they write into a contract, such as not surgically removing your cat’s nails. Purchasing a Persian cat from a local breeder offers ongoing guidance and assistance throughout your pet’s lifetime.

Boosting Local Economy: When you acquire a Persian cat from a nearby breeder, you play an active role in bolstering local businesses, thereby contributing to economic expansion and the creation of job prospects within your community.

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Persian cats are celebrated for their exquisite looks. Their flowing, long fur, distinctive round faces, and expressive eyes make them truly captivating. Nevertheless, this remarkable beauty often comes at a cost.

If you’re thinking about adding a Persian cat to your life, it’s important to thoroughly research and locate a trustworthy breeder. When given proper care, your Persian kitty will become a cherished member of your family for years to come. 

The pricing for Persian cats in Kolkata can vary based on various factors. Hence, it is highly advisable to obtain your Persian cat from a reliable breeder or a well-regarded pet store, ensuring both the cat’s health and pedigree. Through some research, you can find the ideal Persian cat that not only matches your preferences but also accommodates your budget.

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